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The Gowanus canal - A LONG TERM Photographic DOCUMENTARY PROJECT

Mark D Phillips first discovered the fetid, abandoned waterway in the heart of Brooklyn in 1989. His photographs document a unique urban landscape surrounding the 1.8 mile long canal containing the dirtiest water in the United States.

Today’s Gowanus Canal is a developers dream with high rise apartment buildings sprouting like weeds along its shoreline. But there are advocates fighting to keep access to this jewel in Brooklyn.

Gowanus Canal Websites by Mark D Phillips

All the artwork available for high quality printing and exhibits…..

The publishing site for Mark D Phillips showing his love of Brooklyn and its changing landscape.

The stock photography site of Mark D Phillips


Mark D Phillips collection from the Gowanus Canal is a stunning body of work. Prints are available in acrylic, aluminum and traditional.

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From the blog

Creatures of the Canal

The inaugural Gowanus Art Parade crosses the Union Street Bridge on June 1, 2024, with a changing landscape along the shores of the canal. As hundreds of revelers cross the Union Street bridge, the old and the new Gowanus are in sharp contrast. All eyes are on the Gowanus Canal and its environs as it undergoes an upgrade from the 19th century to the 22nd century.

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Gowanus is Dead, Long live Gowanus

Alex Figliola building gone from Gowanus Canal. ©Mark D Phillips

I have expected to say this for at least a decade, and now, post COVID, it is finally here. The Gowanus I photographed for thirty years is officially dead, and the new Gowanus is here to stay. And it’s not my generations Gowanus by any stretch of the imagination. This Gowanus will be enveloped with people and buildings to resemble the riverwalk in Providence, RI, or San Antonio, TX. The wild spirit that existed on…

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